Writer's Block: R.I.P

After I die, I want to be creamated and I want my ashes tucked away inside a mausoleum, with tiger lillies inside ('cause they're my favorite flowers). I also want a tombstone that reads my name with the words, "excellent penmanship", since it seems everytime I handwrite something someone comments on my writing being good. (Smile.)

Writer's Block: Jumped the shark

Except for Doctor Who (and that's starting to get tired,) Hawaii Five 0 (the new series,) and Castle, and some eps. of Supernatural, I think every other show should be cancelled. Television has gotten so trite, not very funny, and really needs better writers. And that comment includes just about every show where so called writers say "let's go dark" and not put the FUN into shows anymore. It's time to get rid of the fights, screaming and other negative things just about every show has and get back to light, fun shows!

Writer's Block: Lean on me

A true friend is a person who never lets you down; who tells you the truth, even when you may not want to hear it. I would end a friendship if one of my friends hurts another maliciously, and if a friend constantly lies to me or puts their feelings first all the time. Some of the time is okay, but all the time indicates a selfish person, and that would cause a rift in our friendship.

Writer's Block: Good eats

A holiday dish I absolutely abhor is FRUITCAKE. I've never liked that, and it seems like everyone always has too much left over afterwards. Second on my list is PECAN PIE.

My favorite holiday food is the meat, whether it is chicken, turkey or ham.

Writer's Block: Cause or symptom?

I think that violence in the media definitely prompts violence in real life. There was, for example, a person who ended up killing someone because he saw that in a video game and emulated what he saw.

I also think that the media can both reflect and reshape values. 9-1-1 comes to mind. After that was shown so many times, alot of people started being against Muslims, even peaceful ones who never harmed anyone. But, before that, there were always racists and those who hate simply because the other persons are different from them.